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Officially known as the People’s Republic of China, this colossal country has a total land size of 9.6 million square kilometers; making it the second largest country in the world. Although Russia is the largest, China is the most populous country with over 1.3 billion people living there. As the largest country in the entirety of Asia, China’s 22 provinces are bordered by Mongolia in the north; North and South Korea in the east; Laos and Burma in the south; and India and Nepal in the west. China’s two major rivers, the Yellow and the Yangtze, flow through the central regions; whereas Western China is overlooked by dominating mountains, namely the Himalayas, and towering 8848m is the legendary Mount Everest. The country’s varied and widespread topography means its climate is not stable in every region; but it principally features hot, wet monsoons during the summer months that contrast with the dry and cool temperatures of winter.

Avalon passengers will begin their Chinese adventure in the capital of Beijing, with full exposure to the country’s rich culture and fascinating history. The Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace feature in several Avalon itineraries, and the opportunity to explore the 178 acre site is rarely refused. Locally known as ‘The Great Within’, The Forbidden City was only opened to the public in 1925, hence why it was considered ‘forbidden’. From here, passengers will be drawn towards attractions like the magnificent Great Wall of China, the world’s longest wall. The boundless span of the Great Wall will be discovered first-hand by Avalon passengers; it has such a vast distance that six Great Walls could stretch around the whole world! Passengers can delve into the details of Chinese custom and discover the realities of this beautiful country, with exclusive backstage passes to the Peking Opera, and an authentic culinary experience learning how to cook the nation’s noodles. Moving onto Xian, it is clear that the traditional, time-honoured characteristics of Chinese culture are still an intrinsic part of life; and passengers can participate in a customary Chinese Calligraphy class, witness Tai Chi, and visit the celebrated wildlife.

Embarking upon the cruise ship in Chongqing, Avalon passengers will start their river cruise along the awe-inspiring Three Gorges of the Yangtze. The cruise will sail down the spectacular waters, allowing passengers the opportunity to explore either the local town of Wanxian, the ancient 12-storey wooden pagoda of Shibaozhai, or the Ghost City Temple of Fengdu. Famous for their picturesque mountains and well-preserved natural beauty, the first two gorges of the trip, the Qutang and the Wu, will lead passengers to the extremely narrow strip of the Yangtze, where it is possible to almost touch the towering rock faces as you pass through. After journeying through Xiling, the final of the three gorges, passengers are invited to a boat excursion on either the Daning River or the Shennong Stream: both surrounded by abundant foliage and striking landscapes. Following the Yangtze River cruise, many Avalon itineraries escort passengers to the effervescent city of Shanghai. As with many Chinese cities, the fascinating history is prominent in the atmosphere, and passengers can experience this first-hand at the Shanghai Museum, a silk factory, and the gorgeous Yu Yuan

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