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Bucharest Romania

Romania River Cruises

Avalon’s Europe cruises visit the country of Romania: it is the last country that the Danube River flows through and is situated at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe. Bordering the Black Sea, Romania also shares its borders with Hungary and Serbia to the west; Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast and east; and Bulgaria to the south. As the largest country in Southeastern Europe, Romania covers a total of 92,043 sq miles, and has a population of over 19 million people. It has a fairly hilly landscape: the Carpathian Mountains stretch through the middle of Romania, with 14 mountain ranges surrounded by the Moldovian and Transylvanian Plateaus and Pannonian and Wallachian plains. The climate is temperate with four seasons of pleasant warm springs; hot sunny summers; dry and cool autumns with pretty foliage that can be seen in the fields and trees; and cold, sometimes snowy winters. The mountain regions tend to be slightly cooler all year round.

Cruising along the Danube, passengers will come to the capital and largest city of Romania, Bucharest. Bucharest is the most prosperous city of Romania and the hub of one of the main industrial centres and transportation hubs of Eastern Europe. Avalon passengers will get to see the colossal 6000 room Palace of Parliament and the Royal Palace, which is now newly home to the National Art Museum. Bucharest is a city that has truly got the balance correct between old and new, with old historical monuments still beautifully preserved and interesting new art buildings cropping up over the city. The Parliament of Palace is the world’s second largest building after the US Pentagon. The magnificent building was constructed in 1984 and led to Bucharest being reconstructed in order to accommodate the building and the grounds that surround it.

On from Bucharest cruising further down the River Danube is the town of Cernavoda, from here it is not far to the popular resort town of Constanta on the Black Sea Coast. Constanta is one of the most important cities in Romania and one of the largest after the capital: it is home to Romania’s largest seaport. Once called Tomis, legend has it that Jason and the Argonauts landed at Constanta after finding the Golden Fleece. Passengers will receive a guided tour of this bustling city, with a multitude of historical landmarks and archaeological treasures there are of plenty of sights to see. A visit to the National History and Archaeological Museum and a wine tasting will also be available to passengers in Constanta.

Avalon’s Europe cruises will cover the whole of the River Danube from its source in the Black Forest to its Delta in the Black Sea. Being the last country that the River Danube flows through, Romania is home to the river’s Delta at the Black Sea. Whilst cruising along, passengers will be able to spot km markings on the banks along the length of the river, and can celebrate reaching the ‘0 km’ mark. An excursion to the Delta will be made available to passengers, and as a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site it is the best preserved Delta in Europe, hosting 300 species of birds and 45 of freshwater fish.

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