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European river cruises

Germany River Cruises

Traversed by the rivers Rhine, Main, Moselle and Danube, Germany is explored on several Avalon Waterways itineraries. The second largest country in Europe, Germany is one of Europe's most influential nations, renowned for its technological achievements yet celebrated for retaining its old world charm. Cruise through the very heart of Germany, visiting some its greatest cities such as Cologne and Munich as well as quaint, picturesque towns such as Bamberg and Miltenberg. Many Avalon itineraries begin on the Rhine river and continue to the Moselle or to the Danube via the Main-Danube canal, taking in many of Germany's spectacular sights.

Austria River Cruises

Avalon cruise itineraries visit seven of Austria’s most fascinating towns and cities along the river Danube. Gain an insight into the true Austrian culture and history on our included guided excursions. Admire superb historical architecture in Vienna, the breathtaking vine-clad banks of the Wachau Valley, the postcard-perfect blue stiftskirche of Dürnstein, and the spectacular views over the Danube from the glorious Benedictine abbey of Melk. Experience Austria’s exquisite architecture and awe-inspiring scenery, nestled against the backdrop of the majestic Alps. Austria’s landscape is beautifully varied featuring everything from classical cities and tranquil villages, to forested alpine valleys, glorious meadows, snow-dusted peaks and lush riverside vineyards.

France River Cruises

Renowned for its inspiration to worldwide cuisine, art, culture, history and fashion, France is home to two of Europe’s most glorious rivers and some of the best architectural treasures in Europe. Avalon itineraries explore the delights of the Rhône River and Seine River, taking in a tapestry of luscious vineyards, tranquil riverside towns, seasonal fragrant lavender fields and charming châteaux. Paris, undeniably one of the world’s most attractive cities, is sure to be a highlight offering up gems such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Lourve, Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. Sail south for the honey-hued charms of Avignon, picturesque Provence, Monet’s glorious gardens at Giverny, the glistening wetlands of the Camargue and the blossoming vineyards of Burgundy.

Holland River Cruises

Cruising on the river Rhine and the Dutch Waterways, Avalon itineraies journey through the heart of Holland visiting picturesque Dutch towns and villages along the way. Wooden windmills, blooming tulips and Friesian dairy cows will be a common sight whilst aboard. Passengers will be captivated by the history, culture and elegance of the capital, Amsterdam, home to world-renowned artist Van Gogh. Become immersed in the vibrancy of Rotterdam boasting cutting edge architecture and state of the art design, or if you prefer to see greenery and sculpted landscapes, Holland’s world-famous Keukenhof tulip gardens are a stunning attraction not to be missed. Holland is also famous for its remarkable Delta Works. The six-mile flood barrier is one of Europe’s most complex engineering projects and considered a technical masterpiece.

Belgium River Cruises

Avalon’s European Cruises feature Belgium on a number of their itineraries. Belgium stretches from the dunes of the northern coastline, through the Flemish lowlands and on to the forests of the rolling Ardennes hills in the south. With its capital Brussels also the capital of the European Union, Belgium is a model country, which has possibly the highest ‘quality of life’ in the world. Passengers will be enthralled by Belgium’s rich history which has left remarkable churches, impressive town halls, striking castles and works of art, spread around the cities and country-side dating back to the early Middle Ages.

Hungary River Cruises

A country of charm and splendor, Hungary has a great deal to offer with luxurious thermal baths, ancient tombs, Turkish monuments, and numerous World Heritage Sites. Hungary is also home to some of Europe’s most beautiful buildings boasting the second largest Baroque castle in the world, the third largest church in Europe and the second largest territorial abbey in the world. These remarkable buildings all give an insight into the fascinating history of this country. Hungary’s true gem is its capital, Budapest. Sitting on the banks of the romantic River Danube it is often referred to as the ‘Paris of the East’ and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Slovakia River Cruises

Slovakia is a beautiful country with a rich tapestry of culture and tradition. Quaint and picturesque, Slovakia possesses snow peaked mountains, medieval castles, folk architecture, relaxing spas and ski resorts. Slovakia boasts nine national parks and also features the tallest part of the Carpathian Mountain Range. History enthusiasts will love exploring Slovakia’s numerous castles and palaces with the highest number per capita in the world. Ranging from caringly preserved or restored castles to ancient, humble ruins, Slovakia’s castles are a captivating site. Slovakia is also home to a great number of gothic and baroque cities including its capital city Bratislava. A culturally rich and fascinating city, Bratislava combines a scenic natural setting of mountains, rivers and lowlands with thriving museums, shopping centres, galleries and theatres.

Romania River Cruises

Romania is a country rich in culture and heritage. Astounding natural beauty, medieval towns, architectural treasures and enchanting people are all characteristic of this country. Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, Romania boasts the second largest and best-preserved river in Europe, the Danube Delta. The mighty Danube River is also a biodiversity World Heritage Site, featuring an abundance of animal and plant species, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. Still retaining its unique strong Latin heritage, Romania will be enjoyably different to any other European destination. The capital city and lifeblood of Romania is Bucharest. The lively capital has earned its name of ‘Little Paris’ due to its wide boulevards, Arc de Triomphe, elegant architecture and reputation for the high life.

Serbia River Cruises

Today, a modern democratic country like Serbia has an abundance to offer visitors. On one side there are luscious rolling hills, rugged mountains and beautiful verdant forests. Then in complete contrast there are bustling, vibrant cities such as Belgrade where visitors can revel in museums, galleries and charming national parks. The capital city Belgrade will leave architecture lovers in their element with various styles displayed around the capital. Home to one of Europe’s most scenic places, the Iron Gates Gorge form part of the Serbian border to the south. A stunning section of the Danube, the Iron Gates Gorge is one of the most dramatic natural wonders of Europe.

Bulgaria River Cruises

One of the few nations of Europe that can be described as exotic, Bulgaria boasts superb sandy beaches, marvellous churches, historical buildings and snow peaked mountains perfect for winter sports. Avalon passengers will have the opportunity to visit some of Bulgaria’s most charming and historical towns and cities as they cruise along the river Danube. Discover Bulgaria’s rich culture with its many museums, art galleries, classical music concerts and folklore festivals. A haven for nature enthusiasts, Bulgaria is the second most biologically diverse nation in Europe. Passengers will be able to view the thousands of plant, tree and bird species as they sail along the river Danube down towards the Black Sea Coast.

Worldwide River Cruises

Myanmar River Cruises

Myanmar, formerly know as Burma, is a step back in time, to a place that has seen little change since the British colonial era. Yangon has embraced modernity but there are still plenty of opportnities to admire classical landmarks including the High Court, City Hall, Central Railway Station and Sule Pagoda, built during the time of Buddha. Whilst Yangon is burgeoning the rest of the country remains virtually unchanged with traditions still prevalent in everyday life such as  It is not uncommon to see young women wearing fragrant thanka to protect their faces from the sun, horse and ox carts taking goods to markets and in the centre of the village still stands the monastery.

Vietnam River Cruises

A country of astounding natural beauty and diversity, Vietnam offers exotic white sands, serene steeped mountains, vivacious cities and, of course the spectacular River Mekong. The immense Mekong Delta begins in Vietnam, beautifully decorated with rice paddies, fruit orchards and fish farms and is a vision of elegance and tranquility. Become immersed in the charm of traditional Asian towns and villages such as Chau Doc and Sa Dec where you can study the ancient methods of rice production and appreciate the ornate pagodas. In contrast experience Vietnams large, dynamic cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and admire famous landmarks whilst taking cyclo rides around the bustling streets and back lanes. A nation rich in culture, Vietnam will offer visitors an experience that will be cherished.

Cambodia River Cruises

Cambodia today is an exciting, enchanting country, and having been through the most gruelling of times, its history has shaped it into one of the most inspiring and fascinating countries in the world. With the mighty River Mekong flowing through the heart of the country, visitors will journey along exploring Cambodia’s French influenced capital Phnom Penh, the spectacular Silver Pagoda and will also gain an insight into the sobering Khmer Rouge Regime. North of Siem Reap is the Tonle River, which connects the Mekong to the glorious Tonle Sap (Great Lake). This is one of the most stunning and picturesque parts of Cambodia, with quaint, traditional villages and verdant woodland along the riverbanks. Gain a glimpse into the real Cambodia on this remarkable tour.

China River Cruises

China has a culture like no other country in the world; this unique and fascinating nation offers up the experience of a lifetime. Discover the ancient history of China, visiting magnificent cities including the Beijing with it's famed Forbidden City, Xian and its mighty terracotta warriors, and of course The Great Wall of China. Cruise along the captivating Yangtze river to truly appreciate the beauty of China’s mountains and river and journey through the most impressive and striking stretch of river, the fascinating Three Gorges.

Peru Cruises

Begin your holiday with a tour of Peru's incredible 'hidden city' Machu Pichu, an experience not to be missed. Explore the wonders of Lima and Cusco, former capital of the Inca Empire as well as Otavalo’s colourful Indian market. Visit ancient Puca Pucara, the Temple of Sacsayhuaman, the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo, and majestic Machu Picchu before joining a once in a lifetime cruise. Perhaps cruise amongst the fascinaing Galapagos Islands or venture to the heart of the Amazon rainforest to embark our luxury river cruiser. The Amazon offers up an unimaginable wealth of plants, wildlife, birds and insects. Journey along the river to explore little-visited areas, native communities and the remote yet breathtaking Pacaya Samira Reserve.

Ecuador & Galápagos Islands Cruises

Combining a tour of Peru's breathtaking ancient ruins with a cruise to the amazing natural world of the Galápagos Islands is an experience not to be missed. Explore Lima, Quito and Cusco, former capital of the Inca Empire as well as Otavalo’s colourful Indian market. Visit ancient Puca Pucara, the Temple of Sacsayhuaman, the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo, and mystical Machu Picchu. From Quito, the Ecuadorian capital, fly to the Galápagos island of Baltra to begin a fantastic 4-night Galápagos cruise and, guided by an expert local Naturalist, learn about a wealth of fascinating indigenous plants and animals unique to the Galápagos Islands.