Embrace the foodie in you on an Avalon cruise...

Embark on a cruise to delight the taste buds, as your luxury floating hotel delivers you to the heart of every port of call. With a regional á la carte menu and local wines served on board, you can join your fellow travellers for cheese tasting, enjoy pastry demonstrations from local chefs and visit wine cellars and local food markets to see where the magic happens.

With food and wine being one of France’s major draws, we take you to the top gastronomy regions as part of your trip. Along the Rhône we stop at the ‘Food Capital of the World’, Lyon, where you can taste freshly-made pastries and meringues from local patisseries, sample fine chocolates at Le Comptoir de Mathilde and experience the best of French cuisine. While in Normandy we take you straight to the wine cellars and local cheese farms where the magic happens, as well as continuing the culinary experience on board with a regional menu, cheese tasting and pastry demonstrations from local chefs.

Cruises through France that are perfect for food lovers

Burgundy & Provence

Food and Wine Highlights

  • Enjoy a range of regional cheeses at an on-board cheese tasting.
  • Discover the best of French cuisine in Lyon, the 'world capital of gastronomy'.
  • Join an excursion to the famed wine cellars Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
  • Sample the beautifully full-bodied Beaujolais wines of the region.

Paris to Normandy

Food and Wine Highlights

  • Enjoy an on board pastry demonstration with a local pastry chef, who has plenty of delicious samples to try
  • Savour a host of Normandy-inspired dishes at a special dinner prepared by a local chef
  • Learn more about local produce on ‘A Taste of Normandy’ excursion, where you can sample the region’s speciality, Camembert cheese and try Calvados, a strong apple brandy, on a visit to a local distillery


· Enjoy an on board pastry demonstration with a local pastry chef, with plenty of delicious samples to try.

· Delight in a special dinner where a regional chef comes on board and dazzles you with a host of Normandy inspired dishes.

· Join an excursion ‘A Taste of Normandy’ where you’ll learn more about the produce of dairy, apples and grain. Sample Normandy’s speciality, Camembert cheese and visit a local distillery and try Calvados, a strong apple brandy.