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On your holiday

Q . Are transfers included on arrival and departure?

Yes. If you have booked a flight or rail packaged holiday with us then arrival and departure transfers are included to/from ship or hotel.

Q . What is the voltage on board European ships?

Voltage is 220v. Electricity wall sockets on board take European style two-pin plugs. British appliances with three-pin plugs will need an adaptor.

Q . Do staterooms have twin or double beds?

All of our river cruise ships offer staterooms with a choice of either twin or double beds. Please request the type of stateroom you’d prefer when booking.

Q . Is there a lift onboard?

All our ships in our European fleet have a lift that operates between the three interior decks. Owing to height restrictions caused by low bridges the lifts do not access the Sky Deck.

Q . Is there a Captain’s Dinner?

There is not a Captain’s Dinner but during every cruise there is a Captain’s Welcome Reception, with Champagne and canapés, a Welcome Dinner and a five-course Farewell Dinner.

Q . What is the dress code at dinner?

The dress code for dinner is casual and comfortable. The Welcome and Farewell Dinners give you a chance to dress up but are not formal.

Q . What are the seating arrangements for meal times?

The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate all guests at a single sitting. Seating is open, so you can choose to sit wherever you wish, and tables can seat 4 to 8 guests each. Tables cannot be reserved.

Q . What kind of food choice is there?

Breakfast and lunch are both buffet style. Breakfast includes a choice of tea, coffee, juices and freshly made hot and cold dishes. Alternately there is early or late riser breakfasts in the lounge for a lighter breakfast. Lunch includes a selection of hot and cold dishes as well as fresh fruit, desserts and a cheese table. You can also choose from a standing order menu like a Club Sandwich or a Ceasar Salad. Dinner includes 4 courses chosen from a set menu and typically includes a selection of soups and entrees and a choice of desserts, alternately there is also a standing order menu. Champagne is available at breakfast, soft drinks are included with lunch and unlimited regional red and white wine, beer, and soft drinks are included with dinner. For more information, please see our Dining section.

Q . Are the shore excursions conducted by coach or on foot?

Shore visits can include tours on foot, scenic coach trips or a combination of both. In some cases, when your ship is able to dock in the city centre, it may be more practical to explore on foot whereas if the ship docks in a port near to an attraction, the excursion will be made by coach. Almost every excursion will include some walking.

Q . What kind of entertainment is there on board?

With Avalon, our onboard ship experience is as lively and captivating as your time on shore! Get behind the scenes as you tour the Galley and Bridge. Join new friends for special events or movie nights. Depending on the cruise destination, there may be regional wine tastings, local musicians performing folklore shows or classical recitals, and guest speakers who are welcomed aboard to talk about local cities and attractions. A resident pianist is on every Avalon ship and a selection of board games and a small library available on board.

Q . Are Avalon Waterways cruises suitable for children?

We have found over the years that cruising holidays are not ideal for young children. For this reason, we do not take bookings for children under 8 years of age and there are no special arrangements or activities for children on board.

Q . How does the tipping work?

Gratuities for the Cruise Director and ship's crew are included in the price of your holiday for all European cruises, Mekong, Irrawaddy and Yangtze. Gratuity vouchers for this purpose are included on the last page of this booklet. Just put the vouchers in the tipping envelope at the end of your holiday. Tipping for local guides is not included.

Q . Will they know onboard that I am a Journeys Club Member?

If you have mentioned you are a Journeys Club Member when you booked your holiday and there is a comment in your booking then staff onboard will know. We also ask you to take your Journeys Club Members card with you for validation so you receive all the added benefits on your cruise.

Q . Do shore excursions cost extra?

No, there are included guided sightseeing in every port (complete with headset in Europe) with expert local guides. On each cruise there will be a few additional optional excursions if you wish to immerse yourself more in the local culture. These will be explained by your Cruise Director and purchased onboard.

Q . Is there a doctor on board?

There is not a doctor on board Avalon Waterways cruises. The nature of river cruising means the ship will never be too far away from a town or city where medical assistance can be provided.

Q . Can we smoke on board?

Smoking is only allowed on the ships outside decks in specific areas where ash trays are provided.

Q . Is the internet available on board?

Complimentary Wi-Fi is included on board all of our European river cruises and cruises on the river Yangtze. On the river Mekong there is no internet service available. Please note that the internet service is not always reliable and may be unavailable for part of your cruise.

Q . What is the currency on board?

In Europe: The currency on board is the Euro. Most of the countries you will be visiting in Europe use the Euro. Exceptions are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania; they all have their own currencies but the Euro is accepted in many establishments. Many locations accept major credit cards; however in small towns they are not widely accepted. In these cases and for incidentals or small vendors, you will need some local currency. Cash machines are located on shore at some stops. Prior to your departure, confirm with your bank that your cash or credit card and PIN number will work abroad. All purchases on board are charged to your room account. Shipboard accounts can be settled by credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Diner's Club) or with cash. Traveller's cheques are not accepted. In China: U.S. dollars are widely accepted on shore. The local currency is the Yuan. Cash machines will dispense yuan or they can be purchased on board the ship using U.S. dollars. The currency on board is the yuan. Shipboard accounts can be settled in cash or most major credit cards. In Southeast Asia: Although, each country has its own currency including the Riel (Cambodia), Dong (Vietnam), Bhat (Thailand), and Kip (Laos), U.S. dollars are widely accepted in each country. Cash machines are available in most large cities and will dispense the local currency. The currency on board is the U.S. dollar. Shipboard accounts can be settled by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or with cash. Traveller's cheques are not accepted.

Q . Are there any laundry facilities onboard?

A laundry and pressing service is available on board for a small fee – prices are listed in your stateroom. Clothes cannot be dry cleaned on board and for safety reasons we ask that passengers don’t iron clothes in the staterooms.

Q . Is wine included with meals?

Free flowing complimentary regional wines are included with dinner and from 2017 with lunch; these wines are paired specially with your dinner each day. Alternatively beer or soft drinks are available.

Q . Can you accommodate special diet requests?

We will try our best to accommodate dietary requirements if they are mentioned at the time of booking.

Q . Is afternoon tea offered?

Mid – Afternoon tea is offered every day in the lounge or on the Sky deck. The afternoon tea consists of tea or coffee and a selection of cakes.

Q . Are there safes in the staterooms?

There is a safe in every stateroom on board an Avalon cruise ship.

Q . Do you collect our passports?

On embarkation all passports are collected for safe keeping and held at the Guest Services Desk.

Q . Is there fitness equipment on board?

Yes onboard all Avalon ships there is a fitness centre.

Q . What time is disembarkation?

The latest time for disembarkation is 10:00 am. If you are not flying until later on in the day and have included transfers, you will be transferred to a local hotel where you can leave your luggage until it is time to transfer to the airport. The Cruise Director will give full information onboard.

Q . Are there refrigerators in each stateroom?

In each stateroom a mini refrigerator is provided. If a passenger needs more space to store medication, a crew member will gladly take care of this and make sure it is stored appropriately.

Q . Are there ever any other ships docked next to us?

On occasion there maybe times were the ship is docked alongside another ship.

Q . Can the Avalon cruise ships accommodate a wheelchair?

Most stateroom doors and toilets are not wide enough to allow access by conventional wheelchairs, and bathrooms and other doorways may be fitted with coamings.

Q . Where will the ship be docked?

We cannot provide you with the docking position of your ship until 24 hours prior to the departure of the ship. In your documentation there will be a contact number for your cruise director who will have the docking address 24 hours before your cruises departs.

Q . Will I go straight to the ship when I leave the airport?

Unless you have a late flight you will be transferred to an Avalon meeting hotel where there will be refreshments available. You can store your luggage at the hotel and explore the area, your cruise director will be able to suggest some sights to visit and things to do.

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