Travel insurance

This policy is for residents of the UK and the Isle of Man only and for travel from the UK only.
Travel insurance is as essential as your passport or your visa. You have to have the right cover for your trip. It is compulsory for all our customers to have adequate holiday insurance; if you do not, you may be refused boarding. If you are not taking Avalon Insurance it is your responsibility to ensure you have an independent policy with adequate cover. In order to ensure that you have the cover you need, we have arranged a specifically designed policy through Rock Insurance Services Limited underwritten by UK General Insurance Ltd on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE. The medical and claims assistance is provided by Global Response on their behalf. The policy document gives you full details of what is and what is not covered and what to do if you need to make a claim. It is very important that you read the whole policy before you travel to make sure the cover is suitable for you. Please make sure that you take it on holiday with you in case of an emergency. A copy of the policy wording will be forwarded to you with your Confirmation Invoice. Take out this cover and travel with the peace of mind that, should the worst happen, assistance is just a phone call away.



Up to 64*

65 & over

Up to 8 days £20 £40
9-17 days £25 £53
18-24 days £31 £59
25-31 days £37 £72





(Asia & South America)

Up to 64*

65 & over

Up to 8 days £41 £99
9-17 days £56 £115
18-24 days £66 £135
25-31 days £81 £165





* Age on day of booking your insurance

Above premiums based on Premier Cover Policy and are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax. The applicable premium per person must be included with the deposit payment for your travel arangements.

Summary of Principal Cover - Premier Policy (Per Insured)

Medical Emergency & Repatriation: Up to £10 million
Cancellation & Curtailment: Up to £5,000
Abandonment due to Delay: Up to £5,000
Missed Departure: Up to £1,200
Personal Possessions: Up to £1,500
Money: Up to £500
Personal Liability: Up to £2 million per policy
Personal Accident: Up to £25,000
Legal Protection: Up to £25,000 per policy
Mugging Benefit: Up to £500
Catastrophe Cover: Up to £1,000
Withdrawal of Services: Up to £500

Please refer to policy wording for sub-limits and full terms and conditions. All benefit levels and prices are correct at time of going to press.

Important Health Requirements

You must comply with the following conditions in order to have full protection under this policy. If You do not comply We may, at Our option, cancel the policy, refuse to deal with Your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment. This insurance operates on the following basis:
1. To be covered, You must be healthy, fit to travel and to undertake Your planned Trip;
2. The insurance will NOT cover You when You are travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner (or would be travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner had You sought his/her advice);
3. The insurance will NOT cover You when You are travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad.
4. The insurance will NOT cover You if You have any undiagnosed symptoms that require attention or investigation in the future (that is symptoms for which You are awaiting investigations/consultations, or awaiting results of investigations, where the underlying cause has not been established).
No claim arising directly or indirectly from a Pre-existing Medical Condition affecting You will be covered unless:
• You have declared that condition to Us; and
• You have declared any changes in Your health or prescribed medication; and
• We have accepted that condition for insurance in writing. Each Insured Person who has a Pre-existing Medical Condition must make a Medical Health Declaration before each Period of Insurance and, if there are any changes in Your health or prescribed medication, prior to commencement of the Period of Insurance or departing on any Trip. Failure to declare any Pre-existing Medical Condition that is relevant to the insurance may invalidate the policy.
We may require You to obtain a medical report from Your General Practitioner or Consultant in order to assess whether cover applies. Any costs incurred in obtaining this medical report shall be borne by You. Based on Our assessment of the medical information supplied to Us, We will decide whether or not the person is suitable for insurance, if certain exclusions or restrictions should be imposed, or if cover can be offered subject to the payment of an additional premium. If We offer cover, and, if the cover is subject to the payment of an additional premium, cover will not commence until full payment has been received by Us and written confirmation has been provided by Us.
To declare a Pre-existing Medical Condition or a change in Your state of health or prescribed medication, You should contact the Medical Screening Helpline during office hours on: 0343 658 0322. You should also refer to the General Exclusions.

Important Limitations - Cancellation, Curtailment & Trip Interruption Cover

This policy will NOT cover any claims under Section 6 (Cancellation, Curtailment or Trip Interruption) arising directly or indirectly from any Pre-existing Medical Condition, known to You prior to the commencement of the Period of Insurance affecting any Close Relative or travelling companion who is not insured under this policy or person with whom You intend to stay whilst on Your Trip if:
• A terminal diagnosis has been received prior to the commencement of the Period of Insurance; or
• If they were on a waiting-list for, or had knowledge of the need of surgery, inpatient treatment or investigation at any hospital or clinic at the commencement of the Period of Insurance;
or if during the 90 days immediately prior to the commencement of the Period of Insurance they had:
• Required surgery, inpatient treatment or hospital consultations; or
• Required any form of treatment or prescribed medication.
You should also refer to the General Exclusions.

Important notice: Please read your insurance policy carefully:

We would like to draw Your attention to important features of Your policy including:
You should read this document carefully. It gives you full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of the cover.
Your policy contains certain exclusions relating to pre-existing medical conditions that affect you, your travelling companions or anyone else upon whom your travel plans may depend. Please read the section IMPORTANT HEALTH REQUIREMENTS on page 6 of the policy wording.
Single Trip - no maximum age limit applied.
There is no cover under the policy for claims arising from any activity not listed under the definition of special sports and activities on page 3 of your Policy Document.
Under most sections of the policy, claims will be subject to an excess per person. This means that you will be responsible for the first part of the claim. The amount you have to pay is the excess.
If your cover does not meet your requirements, please notify us within 14 days of receiving your policy and return all your documents for a refund of your premium. If during this 14 day period you have travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim, we are entitled to recover all costs we have incurred for your use of those services. Please note that your cancellation rights are no longer valid after this initial 14 day period and there is no provision for refund.
We can cancel this policy by sending you seven days' notice in writing, as long as you have not travelled, made a claim or intend to make one. We will not refund your premium unless you cancel the policy within 14 days of receiving it (see YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL, above).
This policy is only available if you are permanently resident in the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man and registered with a medical practitioner in one of these areas, being the one in which you permanently reside.
If you suffer an injury or illness which may lead to a claim under your insurance, you must always seek the advice of a registered medical practitioner before cancelling or curtailing your trip, or before incurring any expenses. If you are already on holiday you must also seek the advice of the Assistance Company.

Demands and Needs Statement

This travel insurance policy will suit the Demands and Needs of an individual, or group (where applicable) who have no excluded pre-existing medical conditions, are travelling to countries included within the policy terms and who wish to insure themselves against the financial impact of specified unforeseen circumstances / events relating to or occurring during the trip. Full details of these circumstances / events, levels of cover and terms and conditions can be found in the policy booklet.

IMPORTANT - You may already possess alternative insurance(s) for some or all of the features and benefits provided by this product; it is your responsibility to investigate this. We will not provide you with advice about the suitability of this product for your individual needs; we will however be happy to provide you with factual information to aid you in making your own informed buying decision.

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