Active Discovery

Looking for a deeper experience of each port of call? Our Active Discovery cruises have been made for you.

See the world your way

Offering the chance for authentic experiences with local people, Active Discovery cruises take you behind the scenes in each destination. Discover the works of sculptors and painters, and practise their techniques in a specialist art class. Meet bakers and chefs, and take a masterclass in their kitchens. Or explore an ice cave, hike through vineyards, and help with the harvest at a local apricot farm.

More choice at every stop

At each port of call, you'll have a choice of excursions, so you can get experience it in the way that most inspires you. In Amsterdam, you can imitate the style of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, take a canal cruise or see the city on a running tour. In Koblenz, take a guided walk and cable car ride up to Ehrenbreitstein Castle, walk through the glassy corridors of a volcano mine or climb the steps of Marksburg Castle for an unforgettable view of the Rhine Gorge. The choice is yours.

Let the mood take you

Feel like staying on board and relaxing? You'll find attentive service on board at all times, whether you want to use the ship's WiFi to catch up on emails, curl up with a coffee for some quiet time or relax in the jacuzzi with a glass of bubbly. Or if you feel like exploring on your own, head out with one of our onboard bicycles. We'll supply maps and a packed lunch, and plenty of recommendations for where to go.

Active Discover cruises

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