Romania river cruises

Bordering the Black Sea, Romania is the last country that the Danube River flows through, and is situated at the intersection of central and south-eastern Europe. Cruising along the Danube, passengers will arrive in the capital, and largest city of Romania, Bucharest. Impressively balancing the old with the new, it’s a city rich in beautifully preserved monuments and interesting new art buildings. Avalon passengers will see the colossal 6000 room Palace of Parliament and the Royal Palace, which is now home to the National Museum of Art. Further down the Danube is the town of Cernavoda, from here it is not far to the popular resort town of Constanta on the Black Sea coast. Discover its historical landmarks and archaeological treasures on a guided city tour.

Highlights of our Romanian river cruises

  • Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
    • The world’s second largest building after the US Pentagon.
  • National Museum of Art, Bucharest
    • Located in the former Royal Palace, it’s the country's prime holder of Romanian, European and Oriental art.
  • Constanta
    • Legend has it that Jason and his Argonauts landed at Constanta after finding the Golden Fleece.
  • Danube Delta
    • A beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site that is host to 300 species of birds and 45 of freshwater fish.

River cruises to Romania