The Danube River

Magnificent capital cities, medieval winemaking villages and idyllic landscapes: it’s no wonder Danube river cruises are among our most popular holidays. Rising in Germany’s mountainous Black Forest, this famous river winds through nine more countries – Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Moldavia and the Ukraine – before meeting the Black Sea. A cruise along the River Danube is the perfect way to experience four fascinating capital cities – Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade – home to beautiful architecture, extraordinary history and inspiration for a series of musical impresarios.

Highlights of our Danube river cruises

  • Passau
    • Nestled among charming cobbled streets is St. Stephen's Cathedral, which houses the world's largest church organ with more than 17,000 pipes.
  • Dürnstein
    • An enchanting town with a blue-painted Stiftskirche and ruined castle, prison to Richard the Lionheart in 1192.

Danube River cruises