An Avalon river cruise is a unique way to experience the character of a destination, immerse yourself in its history and culture, see its architectural marvels and sample its local delicacies.

In Europe, see the iconic sights of Paris and Budapest, Vienna and Bucharest. Explore the nooks and cobbled alleys of medieval quarters, and visit the sleepy towns and riverside villages that inspired the great artists. Rub shoulders with locals in colourful wine gardens and lively bierkellers, and then lose yourself on vineyard strolls and bike rides through shady orchards on the Danube, Rhine, Seine and Rhône.

Further afield cruise the Irrawaddy in Myanmar and the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia; magical journeys of floating markets, ox cart rides at sunset and great golden Buddhas peering from dense jungle canopies. Stand atop Inca ruins in Peru and cruise deep into the Amazon Basin to meet indigenous tribes and spot pink dolphins.

To celebrate your passions and pursuits, we’ve also crafted a series of engaging special interest cruises. Indulge your passions at no additional cost with our exclusive and diverse selection of themed cruises. From food and wine to art, history and music, each cruise includes a stimulating range of tailored activities and excursions – both on and off the ship.

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Themed cruises

Indulge your passions at no additional cost with Avalon Waterways' exclusive and diverse selection of themed cruises.