Ecuador and Galápagos

Situated west of South America in the eastern Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Islands are renowned for their exquisite beauty and unique array of wildlife and fauna. Avalon cruises provide a rare and enthralling insight into the untouched landscapes and inhabitants of this unique volcanic archipelago – from the turquoise ocean views, lava formations and white beaches to giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins and bird life. It was here, in 1835, that the naturalist Charles Darwin, sailing on the Beagle, spent 19 days observing the islands’ ecology, flora and fauna, noting the adaptation of species like finches and tortoises to each island. Somewhere between open-air museums and living laboratories, these lava-sculpted gems are a utopia for all travellers, from wildlife and nature lovers to adventurers and history buffs. Before your cruise, there’s time in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. Backed by the Andes Mountains, this absorbing city offers elegant colonial plazas, ornate churches and the nearby Equatorial Monument, which marks the end of the world!


  • Santa Cruz
    • Lush hills, volcanic craters, coralline beaches, and home to the Charles Darwin Research Centre.
  • Santiago
    • Colonies of sea lions, marine iguanas and colourful Sally Lightfoot crabs live in its coves.
  • Bartolomé
    • Look out for Galápagos penguins on snorkelling trips.
  • San Cristobal
    • Famed for having its own endemic species of mockingbird and lava lizard, and where Darwin first landed.
  • Quito
    • A sightseeing tour of the Ecuadorian capital which includes the historic stone murals of the Legislative Palace, Independence Plaza, and the 16th-century San Francisco Monastery.

Ecuador and Galápagos

Explore Ecuador and experience the captivating natural wonders of the incredible Galápagos Islands archipelago

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Discover the Galápagos & Peru

Truly the experience of a lifetime, marvel at the magnificence of Machu Picchu, the enchanting beauty of Ecuador and the captivating natural wonders of the Galápagos

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Cruises in Ecuador and Galápagos

Ecuador & the Galápagos 2020/21

£4,158 pp
Cruise only

£5,348 pp
Cruise with flights & transfers

  • 8 day River Cruise Quito to Quito
  • Price based on 05 Feb 20
  • 11 dates available

Discover the Galápagos & Peru 2020/21

£6,605 pp
Cruise only

£7,701 pp
Cruise with flights & transfers

  • 15 day River Cruise Lima to Quito
  • Price based on 02 Feb 20
  • 12 dates available