The Amazon

The mighty Amazon basin is one of the richest areas of biodiversity on earth. At its heart flows the Amazon River, skirted by thick, lush forestry alive with brightly coloured birds, primates and a whole host of unique wildlife, birds and insects. The world’s second longest river, the Amazon flows from the towering Andes in Peru for 4,000 miles through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. Avalon river cruises wind through some of the Amazon’s most spectacular rainforest alive with hundreds of species of noisy birds, squawking monkeys and buzzing insects. With luck, you’ll spot rare pink river dolphins, turtles, caiman, giant otters, anteaters and a myriad of other land and aquatic creatures. Other highlights include time with a local tribal community, interacting with villagers whose ancestors have lived in the rainforest for millennia.

Highlights of our Amazon river cruises

  • Iquitos
    • Your cruise starts in the region’s largest city that is only accessible by air or waterway. This colourful city is a gateway to an extraordinary natural paradise.
  • Yacapana Isles
    • Sail close to the ‘Iguana’ Isles so you can snap photos of these fascinating reptiles as they rest on the ground or in the treetops. Watch out for dolphins, caimans and frogs as night falls.